Classes for Struggling Youth

There are numerous types of schools that offer classes for troubled teens with special educational needs. Some have emotional or behavioral problems, others have addictions to drugs or alcohol, and still, others have attention deficit disorders. Many at-risk adolescents find that they can’t function in a regular classroom setting and are simply inattentive or disruptive.

Boarding schools and alternative high schools offer smaller class sizes for students with special educational needs. Typical high school classes are between 25 – 35 students in size with only one teacher for this many students. Classrooms for troubled teens are usually 9-15 and all offer one-on-one training. Staff in these classrooms are trained and experienced to handle behavior problems and those with attention deficits.

An art class is offered at Clair Burgener University where teens learn clay sculpting lessons. This university is for teens who had academic problems elsewhere or have come from harsh environments. By molding clay, students are able to express themselves in artistic ways they never have before. By observing what they’re making they can see how it’s turning out and if they make a mistake they can simply fix it by undoing what they’ve just done. Teens can take time away from what’s bothering them by doing art sculptures.

Drug recovery camps in Virginia conduct a variety of different classes for alcoholics and drug addicted people. From the beginning stage to the final stage of their treatment programs they hold many useful exercise classes, like yoga classes. They do this to release mental pressure as well as increase the physical strength and self-confidence of each student.

Eagle Valley Youth Ranch in Tropic, UT holds self defense classes for female teens, which are taught by vice president Travis LeFevre, a black belt who trained in Aiki Jutsu for over 15 years. He helps young ladies learn to recognize dangerous situations and not to physically attack unless when in a self-defense situation. By knowing how to defend themselves from both verbal and physical attacks, each gains self-confidence, discipline, and self-worth.

Abundant Life Academy in New Jersey offers a sexual health class for high school juniors and seniors requiring parental permission. They provide information about pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, homophobia reduction, dating violence, date rape, sexual harassment, sexually transmitted infections, and other related issues. They aim to develop critical skills of teens as communication, problem-solving, decision making, negotiation, refusal skills, and self management skills as well. Young ladies can then learn about all problems associated with child-bearing in their early years.

Types of classes offered to troubled teens vary from school to school. Institutions commonly offer music and art classes where students can become physically active and express themselves verbally or through their own personal creations. Other schools offer special interest courses as auto mechanics or gardening. Through being engaged in some kind of activity, teens can forget about their problems for awhile, develop new skills, and feel great about their accomplishments. Other courses remove fears teens once had by arming them with real world knowledge.